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Upcoming Cowork Coplay programs

Cowork Coplay participants in Adelaide, laughing and talking

Cowork Coplay programs will be running in Adelaide and Perth in early 2024!

Thanks to partnerships with Veterans SA and Royal Australian Navy, Cowork Coplay is available to more Defence partners and families.

What’s included
in a Cowork Coplay program?

Time for your projects

Time to work solo on a career-related project that’s important to you.

Networking opportunities

Opportunities to network and learn with others, build relationships, collaborate and become part of a supportive, inclusive community.

Professional development

Facilitated learning, professional and self-development sessions, tailored to the needs of the group.

Morning tea

Have a break and a chat (and some caffeine!).

Child care

Children cared for by professionals.

WIFI and modern facilities

Space for working and being connected online.

Find out more and apply

Learn more about the Adelaide and Perth programs starting in February, and apply!
Applications are open from 11 December until 31 January.

Adelaide program

Veterans SA is sponsoring Cowork Coplay: Adelaide. We start February 2024.

Perth program

Cowork Coplay: Perth, for Navy partners, starts in February 2024.

“Cowork Coplay has been designed to offer a modern way to engage with and support the new ‘world of work’. It also offers coworkers the opportunity to meet other people and be part of a vibrant community.”

Claire Harris
Founder (& partner of a Defence Veteran), Cowork Coplay

Thanks to our current partners

Thanks to… Veterans SA, the major sponsor of the Cowork Coplay Adelaide program, and the Royal Australian Navy, who is supporting a trial of Cowork Coplay in Perth.

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