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Our programs connect participants with incredible facilitators and expert mentors. They contribute their energy, empathy and expertise with the goal of providing value.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone involved in delivering our Cowork Coplay program experience. And we’d like you to meet them… Read on…


Our facilitators are local hosts for the Cowork Coplay sessions. They’re the welcoming spirit and the ‘get-it-done’ person that program participants see every week. (They’re also awesome humans.)

Tamara Paton

Tamara is our incredible Program Facilitator in Perth for 2024. She’s a wife and a mum to two beautiful children and a fur-baby. Her background includes aviation training and education. As a Defence spouse she’s familiar with the unique circumstances and challenges and is passionate about helping others to succeed. Her mission is to help people navigate their careers and she will always encourage people to be proud of what they have (and will) achieve. She says: “By leveraging our ideas, we can be innovative and aim for continual improvement as a pathway to success. I’ve done this myself and have reaped the benefits; that’s why I’m passionate about helping you to do the same!”

Pamela Turner

Pamela is the effervescent Cowork Coplay Program Facilitator in Adelaide for 2024. She brings her experience in playgroups, schools, patient care and general friendly personality to the role. As a trained counsellor, Pamela loves to meet people where they are at to help them see their situations and mindsets from different perspectives, which may improve their wellbeing. Passionate about her family: a Defence husband, two amazingly awesome Irish dancing crazy daughters, and two very cute pet mice, Pamela also loves to read, travel and bake to wind down and recharge. Her favourite Defence activity to participate in as a family is the Welcome to Adelaide event at Adelaide Zoo. She also relishes going on a scavenger hunt to find the treasures the different organisations provide…. [stressball anyone????]

Claire Harris, founder, Cowork Coplay program

Claire Harris

Claire is the brains behind Cowork Coplay programs and is a Co-Founder of Human Quotient Group. She began her career as an environmental scientist working in government and universities but now feels most comfortable in the business world. She started Cowork Coplay in 2019 directly aimed at Defence/Veteran partners with little children. Claire is also a mother and lived the Defence partner life for 12 years (her husband is now in defence industry and Reserves and is the other Co-Founder of Human Quotient Group).


Our mentors are brilliant. Wise, experienced and focused on sharing their knowledge and best tips related to their hometowns. Our mentors provide targeted workshops as part of the Cowork Coplay program experience.

Rosslyn Ward

Rosslyn is an Employment Facilitator for Adelaide North with the Local Jobs program from the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. An experienced and passionate advocate for employment and empowerment, Rosslyn is well-connected with Adelaide’s employers and the jobs market. She also has a deep understanding of career development and has worked with people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Rachel Kammerman

As a Business Navigator with the Australian Government’s Self Employment Assistance Program, Rachel is an expert at navigating startup business resources and relationships. She is a mentor and advocate for small business owners. Rachel works for IntoJobs; their core belief is that there is ‘a job for everyone’.

Leila Belle

Leila is passionate about proactively enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. She does this through combining delivery of the psychological self-help ‘Be Well Plan’ program with mindfulness meditation workshops and eco consulting at Nature Science Love. Leila particularly enjoys helping people overcome self-limiting beliefs and barriers, identify purpose and cultivate self-belief, to unlock their full potential and experience greater fulfilment and joy in daily life. Leila also has a background in medical research.

Aly Bannister

Aly is a Multi-Award-Winning Career Coach with 30+ years’ experience of partnering with small business owners, individuals, local government, and global organisations to achieve lasting career success. She was most recently recognised as one of the Top 15 Coaches in Perth 2023.

Aly enables and empowers individuals to build confidence, increase knowledge, upskill, and make positive career choices; leaving participants feeling more motivated to accomplish goals and long-term career success.

She is also a #1 Best Selling Author and mum to 3 boisterous and beautiful boys.

Amanda Halfpenny

Amanda has a background in Social Work and over 23 years of experience in practice. Amanda founded Connect Case Management (ccm.) in 2014 on the principle of providing meaningful, personalised and professional support for all. She has worked across diverse settings, including disability and healthcare environments, where she influences supports and creates positive outcomes for people with disabilities, employees and the wider community. Amanda is a Be Well Certified Trainer delivering workplace mental health and wellbeing training for a range of clients (including at Cowork Coplay). Her dynamic energy sees her consistently motivated to achieve positive outcomes.

Rosie Hegarty

Rosie Hegarty has over 20 years’ experience in the employment industry having worked for online classifieds including seek.com.au, running a career builder course to IT graduates, running her own business to assist jobseekers with their job applications and interviews and working in commercial recruitment. Rosie is the Employment Facilitator for an Australian Government initiative called the Local Jobs Program for the Perth South region and has been on the program for nearly 3 years. When not working, Rosie enjoys yoga, going to the gym, reading and navigating the world of 2 teenage boys.

Ron Kovalcik

Ron is an Integrated Logistics Support professional experienced in project management, training, coaching and mentoring. A bit unique among his peers, Ron is people-oriented and invests time and energy as standard practice to ensure people feel valued, supported and empowered through autonomy and shared purpose. As a qualified organisational coach he provides coaching and mentoring services to Defence partners and veterans.

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