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Cowork Coplay programs address
3 core challenges

If you’re the partner/spouse of a Defence member or veteran, you’ve probably experienced disruptions to your career. Whether that’s employment, running a business or studying.

Despite being able to keep in touch over social media, you probably feel disconnected from friends and family as a result of the military experience.

(Research and reviews by academics and government have also identified many challenges! They’re real.)

Cowork Coplay has been designed to address 3 of these core issues:


Lack of time to pursue career development and meaningful work

often leading to associated feelings of disempowerment and lack of agency over one’s career choices.

Isolation from community and family supports

often as a result of frequent postings.

Limited access to flexible, affordable child care for young children

Focus on your career with Cowork Coplay

Tailored programs providing career support and community connection with child care.

Boosting wellbeing, morale and professional development, to serve the needs of the Defence and veteran community.

See Cowork Coplay on ABC News

Watch the recent ABC News story about Cowork Coplay, filmed in Adelaide. The Adelaide program was sponsored by Veterans SA.
Copyright: ABC, View on ABC website.

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“In all honesty, Cowork Coplay has given me opportunities I didn’t know existed, new friends who literally live 5 minutes away from me, and time to strategise and plan my goals without the distraction of my children around. I’m incredibly grateful and feel so lucky that I had this opportunity, and think every Defence spouse should be entitled to the same.”

Emma Murray, Adelaide

Helping organisations offer targeted career development and community support

Cowork Coplay - Connection, Career, Child Care

Cowork Coplay programs revolutionise the way organisations deliver career development support and community building.

We provide organisations with a complete program package: 1) the program content and facilitation so that participants can make progress on their career, wellbeing and community connection goals, 2) all logistics including child care, 3) marketing, client management, reporting and evaluation.

Cowork Coplay has been designed specifically to serve the needs of the Defence and ex-Defence family community. But it has wider appeal for adults, parents or not, from all walks of life wanting to engage in professional activities.

Our recent 2024 programs

Adelaide program

Cowork Coplay: Adelaide sponsored by Veterans SA.

Perth program

Cowork Coplay: Perth, sponsored as a trial for Navy partners.

Combining the things that matter: meaningful work, community, family.


Kid-free time to pursue
what matters to you


Acquire and share knowledge
with others


Meet others in a
supportive environment

What’s in a program?

A program is a minimum 6 of weeks, 1 half-day per week.

Weekly facilitated coworking sessions include:

Time for you

Access to a welcoming environment and time to pursue meaningful career/employment activities.

Tailored education and self-development

We provide information and relevant workshops and guidance from experts/mentors.

Community building and peer learning

Facilitated community building and peer learning; opportunities to form relationships, connections and close friendships.

Accessible child care

Child care, creche-style: a safe location nearby where children are cared for in the same building.

Information about local support

Increased knowledge of existing services, resources and fun things to do in the local area (particularly important for people new to the location).

Who we partner with

Currently Cowork Coplay programs are delivered through partnerships with organisations. Find out how Cowork Coplay can deliver value for your communities and raise awareness of your services and mission.
“The Cowork Coplay program has been life-changing. It’s given me a real sense of belonging in the defence community. I’ve been able to connect with other spouses that just ‘get it’. So often, as defence spouses we are made to feel like our whole life should revolve around the serving member, and little thought is given to our career development. Claire has carefully chosen weekly speakers that help us to identify our career goals and focus on improving our employment prospects.”

Elise Knight, Adelaide

Cowork Coplay News

Cowork Coplay delivers for South Australian Defence partners

South Australia’s pilot of the Cowork Coplay program has been heralded a success after delivering outstanding results for participants. The pilot program officially concluded on March 30 at an event that celebrated the successes achieved by those who took part, which...

Veteran Families Policy Forum 2023

Veteran Families Policy Forum provides a platform for veteran family members to raise issues directly with the Australian Government and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), and to create new channels of communication between DVA and the community.  Claire...

DVA veteran families forum wrap

The Veteran Families Policy Forum was held in Brisbane on 12-13 March 2024. The forum brought together a diverse group of veteran community members who engaged with senior leaders from state and federal government departments, DVA and Defence, including the Minister...

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Cowork Coplay - Connection, Career, Child Care

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