Cowork Coplay participants in Adelaide, laughing and talking

What a blast!



Thanks to Veterans SA, our major sponsor, the Cowork Coplay program ran for 6 weeks in February-March 2024.

Seven partners of current- and former-serving Defence members participated.

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What was included?

Six 3-hour Sessions

Six 3-hour sessions (1 per week) to work on career-related projects.

Supportive group

Opportunities to network and learn with others, build relationships, collaborate and become part of a supportive, inclusive community.

Workshops with mentors

Opportunities to participate in workshops, some with external mentors.

Morning tea

Chance to have a break and a chat (and some caffeine!).

Child care

Children cared in creche next door.

WIFI and modern facilities

Space for working and being connected online.


Cowork Coplay participants working together Canberra Credit Claire Harris

Participants told us that they most appreciated:

  • the time to focus on their goals and tasks, including study, job applications and work projects
  • the supportive, friendly group and being able to talk about all aspects of life
  • care for children, in some cases the first time in care, providing confidence to pursue re-entering the paid workforce again
  • mentors who provided expert advice and practical tips around local employment opportunities, wellbeing, accessing existing government and community supports.


“As Defence partners, we are used to our career, study and time not being valued or prioritised. Cowork Coplay switches this around and puts us first. This is an opportunity for us to work on our goal-setting, meeting with other like-minded defence partners, discussing careers, working on study, building community and all with our children looked after nearby.

The workshop time allows for self-reflection and analysis to help us re-evaluate our priorities and create a focus on our career and study choices and options. The discussion within the group is incredibly uplifting, with everyone encouraging one another, sharing life experiences, resources and connections to help each person achieve their goals.

I believe Cowork Coplay should be an ongoing program that all Defence partners can experience, in every state and every posting. We know our ADF member/partner/spouse is important, but we matter too.”

Emma, Adelaide

Cowork Coplay Adelaide

“Participating in Cowork Coplay has been a truly transformative experience for me. It provided me with the tools and the time necessary to pursue my career goals, all within a supportive community that deeply understands the unique challenges faced by military families. This program not only helped me gain valuable certifications and knowledge crucial for my professional growth but also taught me the importance of setting aside time for my own development, which has been empowering.

The most profound impact, however, has been the sense of connection. Cowork Coplay introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals, particularly other Defence and veteran spouses who share similar experiences. This has significantly alleviated feelings of isolation that often accompany defence life.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity Cowork Coplay provided, and I strongly recommend it to any Defence or veteran spouse looking to enhance their professional skills or simply to find a community that gets it. This program has not only helped me grow professionally but has also enriched my personal life, making a lasting difference.”

Jodie Caddy, Adelaide

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